Orpheus and Euridice, 2009, colour pencils and pin-pricks on paper, 100cmx150cm.


Arcadian Landscapes, At the Watermill, Fishing Day, Washing Day, Orpheus and Eurydice, Hunting Trip, A Hunter’s Rest, Bucolic I, Bucolic II. In these works (not all shown here) I have used bucolic scenes and landscapes derived from paintings by artists such as Boucher, Poussin etc., that could potentially be used as motifs for tapestries, cushions, embroidery etc. I use color pencils to draw on the surface of the paper, in a way that imitates threads in embroidery, while on the back side of the paper I puncture the paper with a pin, in order to create a relief effect. I use paper not as a drawing surface, but in the way we use fabric in embroidery. The way these two relief effects are combined -the texture itself-, may either hide or reveal part of the image. I am interested in the texture of the work, but also the “hidden” image, which appears or disappears behind and within its texture.








A Summer Pastoral, 2010
graphite pencil and pin-pricks on paper, 40cmx55cm.




At the Watermill, 2008
colour pencils and pin-pricks on paper, 35cmx35cm





Arcadian Landscape II
, 2006,
pin-pricks on paper, 30cmx40cm.

Arcadian Landscape I , 2006,
pin-pricks on paper, 30cmx40cm.



Hunting Scene, 2007,
colour pencils and pin-pricks on paper,


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