Aris Alexakis, 2010-2011
Archival ink on transparent paper
15 drawings, 40 x 30 cm each
Installation view from the exhibition at EMST, Athens

These 15 drawings are based on manuscripts by the literary scholar and translator Aris Alexakis. I have photocopied his notes, in the form of a travel journal, during the course of his research on 19th century travelers in Greece. I have enlarged random letters of the words in his notes and then traced them on transparent paper. The drawings form groups of letters and are placed in such a way, so as to allude to a phrase, whose meaning is undecipherable.


Nicolas Calas, 2016
Archival ink on transparent paper
11 drawings, 40cm X 30cm each

Nicolas Calas is comprised of 11 drawings where I have used excerpts from the handwritten correspondence in Greek, English and French of the Greek poet, critic, curator, theoritician Nicolas Calas. I have selected at random eleven letters, enlarged them and traced them on transparent paper. I have placed the drawings-letters in such a way so as to allude to an undecipherable phrase or aforism. There are eleven drawings,  as many as the letters of the word metamorphosis (μεταμόρφωση) in Greek, a concept that was central to Calas’ work.








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